FTMO 10% Discount Code

FTMO is the most important proprietary trading company in the global market and has an exclusive offer for its most successful traders. This is a Premium Program in which participants can receive a 10% discount code on any new FTMO Challenge. They also get a free Challenge, as well as a 90% profit sharing (by default, the initial profit is shared at 80% for the trader and 20% for the funded trading company).

Joining the FTMO Premium Program will allow you to benefit from these exclusive FTMO discount code and access the Challenges for funded accounts at a reduced price. Remember that FTMO will refund the amount paid for access to the challenge once you pass the evaluation process and receive your first division of benefits. More information in https://ftmo.com/

How can I get the FTMO discount code?

Follow these steps:

STEP 1: Access the offer

Access to the offer on the official FTMO website

In the main menu of the FTMO website look for the“Trading” option and then click on“Premium Programme“.


STEP 2: Complete the requirements to unlock the FTMO Premium program.

To receive the FTMO coupon code and all other benefits, you must meet the following requirements:

A)– Buy any FTMO challenge at the normal price, without discount. Then pass the evaluation process and keep the FTMO account active.

This offer is not valid for old accounts in aggressive risk mode (only accounts in normal risk mode are eligible).

B)– In the last four months, you must not have violated any trading rules in an FTMO account.

C)– You must have obtained 4 payments with a minimum return of 4% (of the initial balance) per payment before the profit split. These 4 payments with the required profitability do not have to have been consecutive.


STEP 3: Request your discount and other FTMO promotion benefits

Once you have fulfilled the requirements, you must click on the“Premium” option in the main menu that you will find in your FTMO Client Area.

You will be able to request access to the first level, called “FTMO Prime”, where the 10% discount code is already available. In addition, you will start earning 90% of your winnings and receive a free FTMO Challenge with the same available balance as the account you used to access FTMO Prime.

Upon request, the company will review your FTMO account. Once you have completed the review process, you will be able to start enjoying all the benefits that come with the Prime level and even continue climbing up to level 2 called “Supreme” where you have more benefits.

FTMO Discount Code Terms and Conditions

The 10% discount code, as well as the other benefits offered by this FTMO Prime promotion are only available to those traders who have met FTMO’s requirements.

FTMO reserves the right to modify or discontinue this promotion without prior notice.

This discount code is not valid for FTMO accounts with the aggressive risk mode activated.

Once the offer requirements have been met, if any of the following circumstances occur, the trader will lose Prime status:

– If you violate any trading rules and suspend the FTMO funding account that is part of the Prime status.
– If you suspend three funded FTMO accounts other than the one with Prime status.
– If you fail to comply with any requirement of the FTMO Premium contract.

On the official FTMO website, you can find detailed terms and conditions of this discount cde and Premium program promotion.

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