TradeDay 20% Discount Coupon Code

TradeDay is the futures proprietary trading company that offers this coupon code for a 20% off in the subscription price to any of its evaluation programs to access a funded trading account. TradeDay offers free resetting for each renewal of the monthly subscription and other interesting features that we will see below.

What coupon code is required to get the TradeDay discount?

This is the coupon code for TradeDay to get 20% off in any evaluation account:


TradeDay is a futures prop trading firm based in Chicago (USA). Its funded accounts and evaluation programs were designed for day traders. TradeDay offers funded account from $10,000 to $250k, with profit targets ranging between 4.8% and 10%. Trailing Max Drawdowns are calculated at the end of each day and range between 10% and 2.5%.

Profit sharing is a scheme whereby funded traders keep the first $10,000 and 90% of the profits over that amount. Once you have passed the evaluation, there are no TradeDay monthly fees and you can withdraw all your profits at any time.

This promo code will save you a lot of money when it comes to the monthly fee that is only charged in the evaluation phase.

How can I use the TradeDay discount code?

STEP 1: Access to the promotion

You can click here to access the offer on the TradeDay website

STEP 2: Choose your funding account

Choose the account that has the most features to match your preferences.

Click on the “Sign up” button.

Please complete the form below with your personal information.

STEP 3: Enter the coupon code

You will see a box at the bottom called “Coupon Code”.

Here is where you can enter the discount code:


Click outside the textbox to apply the coupon. You will notice that the price of the TradeDay monthly subscription has been reduced by 20% at the top, where it says Terms.

Continue the registration process.

Please read and accept all terms and conditions.

Sign up by clicking the “Sign Up” Button.

Pay the selected programme using the discount.

Additional information about this promotion:

TradeDay reserves all rights to discontinue the promo code at any time.

This coupon code can be used to lower the price of a monthly subscription for any TradeDay evaluation program.

On the official TradeDay prop firm website, you can find all the conditions to use this offer:

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