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Opinatron.com is a web portal aimed at all those interested in improving their personal finances: saving, making money, investing and achieving financial freedom.


Discover how to control your expenses and save more money to control and improve your financial situation.


Learn how to generate extra income with the multiple possibilities you have today through the Internet.


Make your money work for you and discover the best investment strategies with the right balance between profit and risk.


For those who want to stop selling their life time in exchange for a salary. By saving, generating more income and investing appropriately, you can stop living for work and enjoy your time.

In Opinatron.com you will find all kinds of articles about stock market investment, roboadvisors, alternative investments, online business, money saving tips, analysis of the best financial companies and much more. We hope you find them useful and we encourage you to participate by sending us your comments, opinions, reflections or any other details you consider appropriate.

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