True Forex Funds 5% Coupon Code

True Forex Funds provides a coupon to allow you to get 5% off any access fee. The prices are the same for either the 1- or 2-step evaluation programme (unlike some proprietary trading firms that charge higher for one-step programmes) and start at 89€. True Forex Funds offers a one-time access fee that is fully refundable once you complete the TFF challenge. You can also get a discount of 5% with this coupon code.

What promo code is required to get the True Forex Funds Discount?

The coupon code for the True Forex Funds to get 5% off is:


True Forex Funds is also known as TFF. It was founded in Hungary in 2021. Since then, it has grown to be one of the most successful trading firms in the world. Its 2023 payout of more than $38 millions in profits is proof that it’s a successful trading company. True Forex Funds provides a set of challenges in which you manage a balance up to $200,000, and after passing the evaluation can scale up to $2.5M. You receive 80% profits.

True Forex Funds trading rules are simple in comparison to those of other proprietary trading companies. The 2-step trading challenge has no minimum or maximum time limits, so that you can trade at any pace. It allows you to keep trades open during the weekend, open positions during economic news, use trading robots,…

Get 50% off with this coupon code for True Forex Funds and saves even more on its already low access fees to TFF challenges.

How can I use the True Forex Funds discount code?

STEP 1: Access the promotion

You can click here to access the discount on the True Forex Funds website

Click the Get Started button.

STEP 2: Register your account

For registration, you will need to provide your email address and create a secure password.

True Forex Funds sends you a verification link. You need to click on this link and confirm your email.

STEP 3: Enter the coupon code

The True Forex Funds Dashboard will appear after you have verified your email address. By clicking the “New Challenge”, you can customise and personalise your challenge.

There will be a text box that says “Discount code”.

Here is where you can enter the coupon code:



Click on “Apply”. A message will appear next to this saying the code has been used. It will also show the amount of money you saved.

Fill out your billing information. Read and accept the TFF Terms and Conditions and then click the “Continue Checkout” button.

Additional information about this coupon:

This True Forex Funds promotion may be terminated by the company at any moment without notice.

The coupon will reduce your access fee for any TFF challenges, regardless of the balance in your account or whether you’re trying a 1- or 2-phase evaluation program.

More information and full terms and conditions of the offer can be found on the officialTrue Forex Funds official website:


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