Funded Trading Plus 10% Coupon Code

Funded Trading Plus of London, a prop firm that provides funded accounts for trading, offers a coupon code for a 10% discount on accessing their challenges (1 or 2 step evaluation). This coupon is not valid for the instant funding program without evaluation.

What promo code is required to get the Funded Trading Plus Discount?

The coupon code for the Funded Trading Plus to get 10% off is:


Funded Trading Plus (FTP) is a trading name operated by FTP London Ltd, located in UK. It’s a prop-trading firm that was created to continue the Trade Room Plus business, which began trading in 2013. It offers a range of funded account types with different features and working models. You can, for example, manage an initial balance of $12,500 up to $200,000 in the 1-stage program. With the 2-phase evaluation programme, you can manage an initial starting balance between $12,500 and $200,000 too. Funded Trading Plus does not offer the discount coupon that is mentioned in the article for a non-assessment model with instant funding and higher access rates.

In all accounts you can scale up your balance to $2,500,000. By default the trader will receive 80% of profits in the FT+ Trader Phase. After you have made 20% profit, you can upgrade to a 90% profit share. If you have made 30% profit, you can ask for 100%.

By using this discount code, you can begin the Funded Trading Plus challenges to become a fully funded trader and save significant amount of money.

How can I use the Funded Trading Plus discount code?

STEP 1: Access to the promotion

You can click here to access the discount on the Funded Trading Plus website

STEP 2: Select challenge options

Select the 1- or 2-stage evaluation option in “Our Programs”.

Select the initial balance of your account and click the “Start now” button.

Choose the trading platform that you prefer (MetaTrader 4/MetaTrader 5 provided by Eightcap broker).

STEP 3: Enter the coupon code

The following text will appear on the summary page of your order:

“You have a Coupon? Enter Your Coupon Code Here”

Here you can enter the discount code:



By clicking the “Apply Coupon”, you will receive the message: “Coupon Code Successfully Applied” and the price will be reduced by 10%.

Then, fill out your billing information. Select the payment option, read the terms and conditions, and click “Place Order”.

Additional information about this coupon:

The promo code can only be used on any funded Trading Plus account that has a two or one step evaluation.

You will get the message below if you try to apply the coupon code on no evaluation accounts: “Sorry This Coupon Does Not Apply To Selected Product”.

On the official Funded Trading Plus website, you can find all the conditions to use this coupon code:


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